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What We Do

On the Parish Council's website you will find information about the facilities and services maintained in Weeley and information and links to local community groups.

Weeley is located in North East Essex in the District of Tendring. The village has a population of approximately 2,236 (2021 census) and it is approximately 10 miles east of Colchester. Weeley is in the Harwich and North Essex Parliamentary Constituency.

Weeley Parish Council consists of  9 elected members  who promote and watch over the interests of the village. The Parish Council is a third tier local authority, the most local level of government. Weeley Councillors are generally not affiliated to any particular political party. 

The 2023/24 Chair of Weeley Parish Council is Christine Hamilton and the Vice Chair is Cllr Danny Botterell.

Responsibilities: The Parish Council has responsibility for the following facilities and services.

  • Street Lighting
  • Recreation Ground including The Spinney
  • Reed Pond
  • Amenity Open Spaces
  • Litter bins